Kharakhorum, the capital city of the Mongol Empire has been recreated in virtual reality after 800 years.

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Virtual Kharakhorum

The virtual city of Kharakhorum, recreated with modern advanced technology, is dedicated to everyone.


By attending this event...

Virtual city

Participate in an online introduction event of the virtual Kharakhorum city dedicated to 800th anniversary of the city of Kharakhorum

Time travel

Take a time trip to the 13th century and get acquainted with the city of Kharakhorum, built by powerful ancestors

Historical facts

Visualize the city of Kharkhorum based on archeological finds and historical facts with VR technology


Witness one of the world's most valuable historical and cultural heritage

Historical significance

History tells our past and shapes our future

Message to the future

Disseminate national heritage, history, and culture to pass it on to future generations


Project representatives

Enkhbayar. A

Prof, Dr, Mathematician, Project initiator

Erdenebat. U

Prof, Dr, Archeologist, General project consultant

Amarjargal. Kh

Rio Tinto Mongolia, Deputy Director of Operations

Ganzorig. D

Artist, General artist of the project

Mandir. T

Mongolian Honored Worker of Culture, Historian, Painter, Author, Project Art Consultant

Bayar. D

3D Artist, 3D art consultant for the project

Oyundolgor. Kh

Dr, Applied Mathematician, Senior Project Consultant

Oyunbileg. Z

Dr, Consulting Architect of Mongolia, Project architecture consultant

Project Team

Project Team

  • Digital Solutions LLC

  • Consultants

  • Artists

Enkhbayar. A

Project initiator

Oyundolgor. Kh

Senior Consultant

Batzaya. B

Project Manager

Batzorig. B

Senior Developer

Amgalan. A


Namuun. B

3D Artist

Byambajargal. N

Senior Project Manager

Ankhbayar. B

3D Artist
Applied Mathematician

Onon. G

3D Artist

Byambasuren. G

3D Artist

Zolchimeg. B

3D Artist

Shikhikhutug. Ts

Web Developer

Tselmeg. E


Erdenebat. U

Prof, Dr, Archeologist

Mandir. T

Mongolian Honored Worker of Culture, Historian, Painter, Author

Oyunbileg. Z

Dr, Consulting Architect of Mongolia

Munkhtsetseg. B

Prof, Dr, Cultural Researcher

Batjargal. S


Batsaikhan. Ts

Prof, Dr, Art Researcher

Bayar. D

3D Artist

Odkhuu. L

3D Artist

Ganzorig. D


Ido. N


Project Contractors

Project Financiers

Supporting Organizations

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